Money Saving Binder

Until now, household money was managed by putting it in a “section file” of a household wallet or Daiso. However, I wanted to make it a little easier to use, so I was considering introducing new goods. I was about to introduce the MUJI masterpiece “passport case,” which I had always admired.

However, at that time, I found a similar item in Celia.

Many people use this file for money management, and it was a rumored case that “If you use it, you will save money!?

Simple case with zipper

Here it is! It is a “6 ring fastener case”.

It looks just like an unmarked passport case, such as a place that can be closed with a zipper and a place that stores 6-ring refills!

However, the contents are very simple. The unmarked ones have pockets, but this is only the binder part.

A wide variety of refills!

Love at first sight in a simple case. I wish I had a refill with a zipper similar to MUJI, but there were quite a few types in the sales floor.

What I bought

(from the left)

・ “Double-sided storage file” (3 pieces)
・ “Cover type 3-stage refill” (3 pieces)
・ “Zipper case refill” (2 pieces)

Refill with zipper that I wanted Not only those that can be used on both sides and those that can store cards!

In addition, there were refills that can be stored by folding A4 paper in three, and refills with buttons that can store small items. There were also zippered refills made of soft and durable EVA material.

I use it like this

First of all, this is what I always wanted to try! Put a weekly budget in the “Zipper Case Refill”. My budget is 10,000 yen a week. Transfer it to your wallet weekly and return it again at the end of the week.

The “double-sided storage file” contains “tickets” that can be used at great value, such as gift certificates, shareholder benefits, and tickets for leisure facilities that won prizes.

The “double-sided storage file” is also used for bankbook storage. By storing each passbook in this way, it is convenient to store cash in an easy-to-understand manner even if you have cash in your account.

To store your passbook … You want to keep your cash card with you. With the “lid-type 3-stage refill”, that will come true! (The photo shows prepaid cards as a sample).

It’s comfortable to use … GOOD!

I use this without knowing how to use the original MUJI passport case, but it is very easy to use because it can be stored for each genre, there are many types of refills, and you can pursue your own unique usage.

The size is about 250 x 155 x 25 mm in height. The unmarked one is about 235 x 130 x 25 mm, so the ceria case is a little larger. The unmarked passport case is convenient because it has a pocket, but in my home, I had a lot of passbooks and cards that I wanted to store, so I was grateful that I could store it with an optional refill.

After all, the price! I bought 2 files and 8 refills, but it was 1,000 yen in total because it was ceria. It’s about half of MUJI … I’m afraid 100 averages …